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2010 Estate Pinot Noir - Wine of the Week

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Silver Medal for our 2010 Estate Pinot Noir was awarded at last year's Royal Melbourne Wine Show.

And last week this wine was nominated by Chris Shanahan as Wine of the Week in The Canberra Times.

There are only a limited number of bottles of this "soft, smooth, and elegant wine".


Fergus McGhie reviews the Toolangi 2010 Estate Chardonnay

Monday, April 01, 2013
Fergus McGhie recently reviewed our 2010 Estate Chardonnay in the Canberra Times Panorama magazine.

Fried sardines, strong simple flavours, call for a dry wine. A young Hunter semillon would be a contender to match this week's dish. Riesling could be another possibility, although it could end up too aromatic. It's the fresh acidity I'm after, something cleansing to cut through the salty fried flavours of the fish - the wine equivalent of a squeeze of lemon. A chardonnay should have more body than semillon to cope with the richness of the sardines. I'm looking for a chardonnay with plenty of fresh acid crunch, and that's where the Toolangi Estate has its strength. This is a modern chardonnay, not fat and weighed down by sweet oak. There's plenty of body and flavour, but it comes from superb Yarra Valley fruit, not winemaking adjunct. There's oak, but its influence is savoury, with toasty, smoky, barrel-ferment characters adding complexity. Fruit flavours of white peach to grapefruit and ripe lemon carry through to a long, fine finish that lingers with juicy mouthwatering acidity perfect for this week's sardines. Buy a couple of spares. The Toolangi will look even better with a few more years in the bottle.

Body and Soul

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tony Love has written about a selection of white wines from varieties that flourish under the Australian sun including Viognier, Marsanne, Riesling and Chardonnay. 

"You know it makes sense when you walk through a vineyard on a warm February day as vintage kicks in, the white grapes are full and ripening to perfection. Capturing the essence of late summer and the warmth of early autumn has been the calling card for many Australian whites. If you likes your whites with a ray of sunshine, these are good for further exploration."

Toolangi Emanai 2012 has been included in Tony's suggestions and we think it's a perfect drink for a hot summer's day.

"It is showing heaps of body and soul yet is still fresh and zingy."

Stylish and great with a chicken caesar salad.




Chardonnay and Viognier together in Emanai 2012

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two more great reviews for our Emanai 2012.

The first review was featured in the passionate and very interesting blog by Krystina Menegazzo called La Donna del Vino.

"Gary and Julie Hounsell are proprietors of Toolangi Vineyards and happen to be two of the most generous people in the wine community. Emanai is the latest addition to their range and, coincidentally, it was made off-site by my very first boss in winemaking, Franco D’Anna of Hoddles Creek Estate. This young gun winemaker got to have a bit of fun playing with Emanai’s interesting blend of chardonnay and viognier.

Franco used the low-cropped fruit from the Dixon’s Creek vineyard, which he then co-fermented and matured in old French oak for three months. The result is not an abundantly fruit-driven wine but one that ticks all the boxes for texture and interest. The nose offers aromas of smoke, citrus, hay and papaya with a lingering scent of candle wax. The palate has the classic oily texture of viognier, yet with an atypical flavour, which leans towards the green fruit spectrum. Overall, this is a fresh style of wine with a delicious chalky mouthfeel, quite tart acidity and a mineral finish. With its colourful pixilated artwork by Julia Ritson adorning the label, it is hard to miss Emanai on a wine retailer’s shelf."

In the March 2013 edition of Australian House & Garden the Emanai was reviewed by Toni Paterson. "Low-cropped, hand-harvested chardonnay and viognier have been co-fermented and aged in French oak resulting in white peach and tropical flavours."

You can find the Emanai at the Prince Wine Store, Toorak Cellars Armadale, Doc's Liquor and Brighton Bay Cellars, or direct from Toolangi.

Click through for more reviews.




Wednesday, December 19, 2012

As Nick Stock says in the introduction to the Good Wine Guide 2013, "Life is too short to drink bad wine!"

Nick's tough task was to find the good stuff, the cream of the crop. The 2013 Age and Sydney Morning Herald Good Wine Guide is the biggest yet with close to 1600 wines.

The Good Wine Guide uses the 100 point scale and the four Toolangi wines all scored above 92. In addition we were awarded Best Wineries status, which shows our deep commitment to terrior.

The Toolangi 2008 Reserve Chardonnay was given a score of 96 which puts it into the Best of the Best category. The wines in this category represent a group of the finest Australian wines available. Only 20 chardonnays achieved this ultimate recognition. We are very happy to be in such good company!

"A very bright, almost electric green-tinged gold colour, this has immense concentration. Taken from the most select section of the Toolangi vineyard, it offers citrus-soaked nectarine and white peach, with a decent serve of complex oak toast and spice. The palate's a powerhouse, showing weight and concentration with powerful structure, lemon and peach flavour. Acidity good, texture impeccable. A breathtaking chardonnay - symphonic!"

The Toolangi 2008 Reserve Shiraz received a score of 93.

"This is a ripe and sturdy shiraz that oozes concentrated ripe summer berry and plum aromas from the glass, with some gentle oak spice and chocolate that's quite nicely integrated. The palate delves into darker shades again, offering deep cassis, plum and cherry flavour amid long, smooth tannins. Handy balance, mellow and even."

And our high achieving, well priced, Toolangi 2010 Chardonnay was listed as one of the Best-value wines $25 and under.

"The classic Yarra Valley expression of citrus and peach here, nicely met with some savoury, nutty winemaking and oak influence to add handy complexity to the mix. The palate's smoothly textured and delivers lovely fresh fruit flavour and bright, crunchy acidity, balanced and even. Great-value drinking."

All up, a very gratifying result for our winemakers.

Click to see the four reviews

Try our newly released EMANAI

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our newly released EMANAI is a white blend made for us by Franco D'Anna at Hoddles Creek Estate. Co-fermented Chardonnay and Viognier grapes were aged for three months in French oak to make this textural dew-fresh white blend.

EMANAI has a lovely fragrance of blossom and white-stone fruit, a slinky texture with notes of apple blossom, delicate honeysuckle and juniper with a linear, fragrant palate that drives to a zingy, citrus-infused finish. With or without food, it offers delicious refreshment for spring and summer merriment.

EMANAI is a blend of our children's names and the label design is by Melbourne artist Julia Ritson. The pairing of her colour field works on the white label reinforces the blended nature of this fragrant new wine. 



Yarra Valley Ranges Magazine and Chardonnay 12

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yarra Valley Ranges Magazine attended our Chardonnay 12 Masterclass in June and captured the event perfectly.

If you are interested in what's happening in the beautiful Yarra Valley then this full colour celebration of country life is for you!


The 2012 Reserve Shiraz Winemaking Process Begins

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We are very excited this year as our 2012 Reserve Shiraz is being made at Giaconda. Rick made our 2010 Estate Shiraz, not yet released, but it is looking very smart. From that Rick decided that he would like to make the Reserve with the 30 year old vine fruit we sourced.

On April 14, 2012 the winemaking process began for our 2012 Reserve Shiraz.

The day began with Garry and Andrew (our son) picking up the Reserve Shiraz fruit that had been picked early that morning from the Hamer Vineyard near Yarra Glen and then heading up to Giaconda in Beechworth with the truck and 2.5 tonnes of fruit. This fruit is low cropped (1-1.5 tonnes per acre) taken from 30 year old vines.

On the road to Beechworth.

Garry and Rick discussing the fruit on Garry's arrival at Giaconda.

2012 Reserve Shiraz grapes at Giaconda.

All hands on deck (Rick, Yael and Nathan) to fill the buckets
with whole bunches for the fermenter

Peter tipping first bucket of partly crushed 30% Reserve
Shiraz into the fermenter.

Garry dropping first whole bunch of 2012 Reserve Shiraz
grapes into fermenter. 30% whole bunch.

The two old boys (Rick and Garry) chatting after bedding down
the Reserve Shiraz fruit in the open fermenter for its
transformation into our 2012 Reserve Shiraz.

The view from Giaconda at Beechworth.


Australian Chardonnays vs Top Flight White Burgundies

Sunday, September 02, 2012

James Halliday quotes English wine writer Andrew Jefford in his article about chardonnays in the Weekend Australian Magazine September 1-2, 2012.

"Top Australian Chardonnays can effortlessly compete with the top (white) Burgundies."

James says that "Chardonnay is the most pliable of all the noble grape varieties, bending to the will of the winemaker and to the imperatives of the particular place it is grown."

James then goes on to give examples of the different styles of chardonnay tasted at the Toolangi event held in the Yarra Valley in June.

He says the Toolangi 2010 Estate Chardonnay shows "grapefruit is a major flavour component; intensity, drive and length are features of a wine of great varietal purity that also captures an elusive savoury/nutty complexity."

This compares with the 2010 Toolangi Reserve Chardonnay which "brings together grapefruit zest and juice, white peach and cashew, bound by strong minerality acidity. It shares the length of other Yarra Valley chardonnays but was far less easy to recogonise as Australian."

Both of these wines are taken from the same vineyard, Toolangi's Dixon Creek Vineyard, but with different winemakers applying differing techniques giving as James says "all sorts of possible outcomes."

Click here to download complete article.


Four Star 2010 Chardonnay

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ralph Kyte-Powell has reviewed our newly released 2010 Chardonnay in this week's Age Epicure.

A first class wine of distinction.

This 2010 Chardonnay is available from:

Armadale Cellars, Armadale
Barrique Fine Wines, Healesville
Botanical Hotel
Carlton Cellars
Cellar Door Wine Store, Beechworth
Clareville Cellars
Cremorne Cellars
Crown West Cellars
Dan Murphy's
First Choice and Vintage Cellars
Jimmy Watson's Brighton
King & Godfree
Nick's Wine Merchant
Northbridge Cellars
Prince Wine Stores
Randalls The Wine Merchant
Rathdowne Cellars
Red White & Amber
Seddon Wine Store
Stanmore Cellars
Toorak Cellars
United Cellars
Yarra Valley Dairy


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